Land of sacredness

Land of sacredness Ladakh is located in Kashmir, Northern India. Due to historical and geographical reasons, most of the Ladakhi (Ladakh people) are Tibetan Buddhists and their culture slants towards Tibet more than India. Climate in Ladakh is tough as it is bitter cold in winter. But it is also the dreamland of many Big Cats lovers as it hosts the majestic “grey ghost”-snow leopard. Snow leopard is the most mysterious big cat due to their elusive nature and the harsh environment they inhabit. In winter, snow leopards come down from altitudes 2 700 – 6 000 m to 1 200 – 2 000 m elevations as their main prey-blue sheep moves down from the snow-capped mountain.

My Safari in Ladakh


We spent 7 days in Ladakh and met the grey ghost 3 times! The landscape is breathtaking  which adds spice to our journey. Sorry that only few photos can be uploaded as photos of snow leopard are all taken with high zoom camera (it is 1km far away!) and the quality isn't that perfect for sharing. More are posted in my Instagram and downloads are available. Click Follow me to see more and Store to download your favourite photos!

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